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OCR Services

Data Entry 101 offers high quality OCR services and ICR services to our global clients. We provide valuable OCR solutions with the blend of the best of business practices and modern tools and technologies.

We are able to collect information or text from documents like old paper files, applications, forms, address labels, or any other documents.

OCR or Optical Character Recognition procedure is all about translating images of typed text or scanned pages into machine readable text.

Another thing that it covers is to convert images or pictures into a standard formats such as ACII or Unicode that is effortlessly recognized by machine.

There are several advantages associated with our OCR services. By hiring us as your OCR services provider, you can get benefit of practices like faster, precise and well-organized data entry services than ever before.

This type of data entry practice is much faster and totally accurate compared to keystroke. OCR is one of the best alternatives in terms of speed, accuracy and cost, compared to manual or keyboarding data entry practice.

At Data Entry 101, we can translate documents in complete or selected pieces into digital files. Our clients can utilize these copies in their document management systems (DMS) or place them on their websites.

We offer OCR services for following…

  • Art book
  • Images
  • Brochures / Whitepapers
  • Marketing documents / Flayers etc
  • Resumes / Biodata and other application forms
  • Colored text or black text on white paper etc.

We have a highly skilled team of personnel in OCR Service department for our valuable clients.

We persist upon exceptionally precise OCR / ICR conversion through careful rectification process and cleanup of OCR output by highly skilled technicians. This helps us claiming 99.95% accuracy for all legible characters.

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