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Quality Checking Services

At Data Entry 101, we strongly consider in offering top quality and time bound Data Entry Services with the accuracy level of 99.95%. Our entire aim exists into providing accurate data entry services with top most accuracy.

To uphold this high level of quality standard we have many quality controls as well as auditing standards and processes in placed. Along with the standard QC processes, we also customized our QC techniques to meet client requirements at the fullest!

The kind of QC process we implement is totally dependable on the types of input data as well as the level of accuracy client wants. Following are the steps of our QC procedure:

  • First and foremost step of starting the project is to understand client’s requirements and Scope of Work (SoC) definition.
  • Once the project scope is clear, we ask for all the documents where we have to do the data entry work. We accept all types of data transfer methods including, over FTP, E-mail, CD or DVD, Hard copies or anything.
  • As soon as the data is received, we then assemble all the files and double check the documents to examine the existing quality and the visibility of the data. We inform client about any damage or error in the data and ask to replace or for the suitable solution.
  • Once everything is clear and no more error is there, the files are then allocated to respected Project Managers or Team Leaders.
  • They further divide job into smaller batches and assign it to the right data entry operators for further work.
  • Whole work is done by two separate data typist groups that insert the same record in separate files to produce same output.
  • Both these files are then electronically evaluated with the use of our in-house software. The software automatically stops as it discovers mismatch between the two files. Such mismatches are then corrected by the team.
  • After this, both these documents are again evaluated through our software and we produce a third file and sent back to the team to rectify the errors.
  • Once things are perfect and no further errors are there, then the new generated file is sent to the Auditing Team rechecking to make sure the top most quality output is received.
  • After every single quality check process, a status report is generated and sent to the client to update about the work status.
  • In the final round, the document is audited and double checked to match the accuracy level up to 99.99%.
  • If there are no further mistakes then the final document is produced and sent to the client in his required format.

This is how the Quality Check Process works at our end.

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